The Real Deal! 29 September 2017

How to buy a house.

It took me over 9 months to buy a house – the time it takes to grow a baby, and yes, I found it harder than having a baby and I am ACTUALLY IN THE BUSINESS! So if you are finding it hard, take heart and don’t give up! I’ve recently concluded a sale and thought I would mention a few strategies this buyer used which won him the home. Interestingly enough, his father was a real estate agent and must have given him some advice. It’s a Friday morning and you’ve just noticed, as you pick up the phone that there’s a new listing which has your name ALL over it! Imagine your excitement! The first thing you are tempted to do is send an SMS to the agent. Don’t!

1) Pick up the phone – despite it being 2017 and actually make HUMAN voice contact. It’s surprising how effective this is in a sea of sameness of dealing with buyers.

2)Don’t insist the agent takes you through BEFORE Saturday. The agent has NO intention of getting you through the property before Saturday. They are busy and the owner hasn’t mopped the floors. However, if you win the agent over, they may possibly make amendments to this rule.

3) Be savvy and pleasant in your dialogue. Talk about some aspirations and what you are hoping for in a home and be RELATIONAL.

4) Agents are not impressed by how many properties you own… it’s really irrelevant in the same way that you probably aren’t necessarily impressed with them driving a Merc or BMW. Money doesn’t maketh a man. Manners do.

5) Ask some questions, give some information about properties you have missed out on. Agents love hearing about how unhelpful other agents are as this makes them determined to give you a better experience! If you do this well, the agent MAY offer to let you through before the weekend.

Now there are some basic rules here on how to behave at the inspection.

6) Get to the house on time.

7) Don’t follow the agent in the moment the agent unlocks the door. Let the agent open the home up, switch on lights, open doors etc

8)  Remove your shoes and show respect to the agent AND the home. Please don’t ask the agent if your children can use the toilet. In fact, it’s best to leave your children with a babysitter. Children nowadays have habits of opening windows, pulling cats’ tails and throwing tantrums or running around houses. I have even seen children jumping on beds at my open homes. If they are well behaved, they are welcome, of course. But ONLY if they are well behaved….

9) If you want to buy the home, this is absolutely no time to be negative or pull back. Being vulnerable is actually quite refreshing for an agent, as they get a bit tired of game playing. You need to say WHY you like it and WHY you want it.Be as transparent as you can.

10) Never complain. Agents abhor people complaining or “conditioning” them on what is wrong with the home. If you don’t like the house, don’t buy it!

11) The home has been priced with its defects and current condition in mind. If the home is overpriced, you can make your offer and give reasons (in writing) as to how you came to that figure. Be fair and respectful.

12) You can ask buyers for comparisons but agents can only give these if the seller has given permission in the form 6 (authority to sell).

13) Ask for a contract and ask the agent when you can have an answer if you do submit an offer. Preferably fill in the contract then and there (an expression of offer form is not the same as a contract.

14)  Be nice. You catch more flies with honey! Have a great weekend!

Copyright – Gaby McEwan (No part can be reproduced or replicated without permission given by Gaby McEwan)